Chia Yu Ma
Board Member
Chia Yu (Chia) Ma has served Department of Public Health (DPH) and LHH in a financial capacity. She joined DPH-LHH as a Budget Manager and was promoted to her current position as Deputy Financial Officer after two years. In the first few years, Chia has focused and helped the hospital shape its budget and financial structure in alignment with the operation when the hospital moved into the new buildings in late 2010. Chia has since expended her role to take on the financial oversight of DPH’s Health at Home and Primary Care operations.
As a Deputy Financial Officer, Chia is responsible for financial reporting, accounting, budget planning, analytical and decision support, and internal audits. Chia’s superior financial stewardship helped lead the hospital and the department to better prepare for the Federal Health Care Reform and through the transformation of Public Health services to a new integrated delivery system. Chia has also been one of the department champions for the City FSP project, and is now deeply involved in DPH EHR (Electronic Health Records) project with a go-live date in August 2019.

After earning an MBA in Finance from University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Chia had worked in the private sectors for several years before she joined the City and County of San Francisco and worked as a Principal Administrative Analyst at Public Utility Commission.
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