Our Mission Statement
To enhance the quality of life for all San Franciscans and visitors by promoting sound government practices, supporting professional excellence for our city's managers, and maintaining the highest ethical standards in the delivery of service to the public.

Racial Equity Statement
MEA recognizes affirming and living values that promote racial equity and eliminate bias and discrimination in the workplace help create a society that reflects our highest moral and democratic principles. Our work is to (1) listen to those who have been harmed by systemic racism; (2) know when it is time to follow community leadership and when it is time for us to lead; and (3) serve as culturally competent advocates by developing skills for communication and interaction across cultures. Read More Here
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NEW MEA Members
On behalf of the MEA Board of Directors, Staff, and fellow MEA members, we offer you our warmest welcome. Whether this is your first union experience, are newly hired, or promoted, MEA is here to represent our members and uphold the MOU.
Nam Li - ADM
Kofi Akinjide - CPC
Zhimin Ma - DCYF
Mawuli Tugbenyoh - DHR
Danyell Marshall - DPH
Tracey Brown - DPH
Guillermo Perez, Jr - DPW
Wilfred Dere - DT
Marissa Bloom - ECN
Kari Kientzy - HAS
Lorena Garcia - JUV
Kate McCarthy - MTA
Caroline Morris - PRT
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If you become a member of SFMEA, there is strength in numbers whereby you can vote on collective bargaining agreements, surveys, participate on board elections, membership meetings and much more. Another benefit is professional advice on career decisions and work-related issues. We look forward to seeing you at our Member-Only activities!
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