2024 MEA Misc and MEA MTA MOU Negotiations

June 7, 2024

MEA started its successor Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) bargaining in January 2024.  Monday, April 23, 2024, was the last day to mediate the MEA Misc and MEA MTA contracts before arbitration with Arbitrator David Weinberg. The parties reached an impasse on specific issues, thereafter, the parties submitted their last best final offers to Arbitrator Weinberg.  Arbitrator Weinberg's decision resulted in an arbitration award on our outstanding issues.  However, he took into consideration that the parties reached tentative agreements on other proposals.   

Most importantly, the Tentative Agreement reached by the collective labor organizations on March 26, 2024 about the 13% wage increase over three (3) years remained in place, and there are no "off-ramps" for these increases. The City had counter proposed to address our concerns regarding compaction and other equity issues through a Range B Adjustment Pilot Program which expands/changes the current annual MCCP and MTAM merit pay programs.  Additionally, MEA maintained status quo on several current MOU provisions as well as negotiated additional language enhancement and clarifications in support of and to improve the working conditions for our members.  

As in prior negotiations, MEA had a truncated process that we engaged in, whereby MEA, the City and SFMTA worked collaboratively to negotiate the two successor MOUs. The City and MEA MOU was an arbitrator award by Arbitrator David Weinberg.  The Tentative Agreement entered into by SFMTA and MEA was ratified by MEA MTA members.  At present, the City is moving through its processes with the Board of Supervisors and the MTA's Board of Directors that should be concluded no later than the end of June.

In a few weeks, both successor MOUs will be available on both the DHR website https://www.sf.gov/resource/2023/labor-agreements-city-and-county-san-francisco and the MEA website https://sfmea.com/contracts/.

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