Member Outreach Committee
The Members Outreach Committee is responsible for reaching out to current and potential members of the organization. The committee's main goal is to engage and retain members by keeping them informed about upcoming events, programs, and opportunities. The committee is responsible for actively seeking out new members and promoting the benefits of membership. This may include New Employee Orientation, hosting information sessions, or collaborating with other committees to showcase the organization's work. In addition to recruitment, the committee also focuses on member retention. This includes implementing strategies to increase member involvement and satisfaction. The Members Outreach Committee works closely with other committees to ensure that members receive the necessary support and resources. They collaborate with the other committees to coordinate events and workshops. Overall, the Members Outreach Committee plays a crucial role in maintaining and expanding the organization's membership base. Their efforts directly contribute to the growth and success of MEA. If you are interested in joining the committee please contact We look forward to learning with and from you!

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