DHR Compensation Plan for COVID 19 (03.31.2020)

April 3, 2020

Dear Members:

I am hoping that you are all doing well, staying safe, sane and healthy in these uncertain times.

I have received numerous emails regarding the long hours that our managers are being required to work and questions about whether there will be any compensation or CTO for working over and above during this very hectic and dangerous time.  MEA staff has been fielding these type of emails and calls, as well as other issues, while at the same time meeting remotely with both DHR and the Public Employee Committee.

I have attached the March 31st Compensation Plan for COVID-19 from DHR which explains the expanded benefits and leaves that are included in Mayor Breed’s most recent Proclamation. The expanded benefits are to be implemented prospectively starting on April 1, 2020.

The following are the sections I believe are most pertinent for MEA, although the remaining sections may apply as well:

 5.  Paid Leave Caps:  For employees who are near the maximum accruals for vacation and floating holidays but who cannot take time off during the public health emergency, the City will waive vacation leave and floating holiday caps through the duration of the declared emergency. Employees can accrue up to an additional 80 hours over the vacation maximum accrual limit over the duration of the emergency.  When the emergency ends, employees would need to take vacation and reduce their balance below the maximum accrual by December 31, 2021.  Employees can roll over an additional 80 hours of floating holidays above the normal roll over limit for FY 20-21 AND FY 21-22

Vacation: The maximum number of vacation hours which an employee may accrue is as follows:

Years of Continuous Service               Maximum Accrual

1 through 5 years                                320 hours

more than 5 through 15 years             360 hours

more than 15 years                             400 hours
 If you reach your vacation cap based on years of continuous service you will continue accruing up to 80 additional hours, at your accrual rate, only while the declared emergency is in effect.

Floating Holidays: The MEA MOU provides for five (5) floating days (40 hours) off to be taken on days selected by the employee subject to prior scheduling approval of the Appointing Officer or designee. Floating holidays received in one fiscal year but not used may be carried forward to the next succeeding fiscal year. The number of floating holidays carried forward to a succeeding fiscal year may not exceed the total number of floating holidays received in the previous fiscal year, i.e. 40 hours. No compensation of any kind shall be earned or granted for floating holiday hours not taken.

Pursuant to this expanded benefit you will be allowed to carry over any unused hours in the next two (2) fiscal years, up to 80 hours over the current MOU limit of 40 hours.  For example, if you currently have 80 hours/10 days of unused floating holidays, you will be able to accrue another 5 days/40 hours in FY 20-21 and also in FY 21-22 for a possible 160 hours of floating holidays. Caveat – these cannot be paid out, so use or lose before you leave City service.
6. Compensatory Time for Salaried (“Z “ Symbol) Employees.

a. Not applicable to the MEA bargaining unit.

 b. Employees Not eligible for Compensatory Time.  For MEA Miscellaneous and other employees who are not eligible to earn compensatory time, the City will allow those employees to earn up to 80 hours of compensatory time on an hour for hour basis for work during this emergency.  Compensatory time is not subject to cash out for salaried employees.

7. Employees Working in the Workplace or Field.

a. Paid Administrative Leave. For employees performing essential services who must remain in the workplace, the City will provide paid administrative leave if those employees are diagnosed with COVID-19, have symptoms consistent with COVID-109 infection, or must isolate/quarantine pursuant to direction of a health care provider or order from a federal, state, or local official. For purposes of eligibility for Paid Administrative Leave only, the City will presume these employees became exposed or sick in the workplace.  Employees must use their FFCRA Emergency Paid Sick Leave first and can supplement with this Paid Administrative Leave or other available benefits.  See (2) in the Attachment.

b. Additional Floating Holidays.  For employees performing essential services who must remain in the workplace, the City will provide 8 hours of floating holidays (FHP) for every 40 hours of regularly scheduled hours worked (WKP) in the workplace, up to a maximum of 80 hours of floating holiday over the duration of the emergency. The City will credit these floating holiday hours in the first full pay period after the end of the emergency. As with other floating holidays, these hours are not subject to cash out upon separation.
Although these provisions have been implemented and are in effect due to the emergency situation, the City has the duty to meet and confer on the impact of these provisions to our members. If you have any suggestions, questions or concerns about the Attachment or the sections cited please contact MEA staff at your earliest convenience.

christina@sfmea.comcriss@sfmea.comWe are all in this together and I am hopeful that when we do come out of this, which we will, that all of us can be proud of our efforts and accomplishments during what may be the darkest days we will ever face..

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