End of DHR Vaccination Policy for City and County of San Francisco Employees

August 21, 2023

Effective August 23, 2023, the City’s COVID-19 Vaccination Policy will end. This policy change means the requirement for current City and County of San Francisco employees and new hires to be vaccinated as a condition of employment will also sunset.

Up-to-date vaccination continues to be the best defense against COVID-19. The City continues to strongly recommend and encourage COVID-19 vaccination for all City employees using the current vaccine. This means that all employees are recommended to receive at least one dose of the current bivalent vaccine formulation. Employees are encouraged once new vaccine recommendations are issued by the CDC and FDA later this year (late Summer or Fall) to be vaccinated consistent with those updated recommendations, likely to include receipt of a new vaccine formulation. 

Additionally, employees should continue to do a daily health assessment before coming to work to confirm that they are free of COVID-related symptoms. If an employee suspects they have any symptoms of COVID-19, they should perform a rapid test to see if they are positive. Employees should only come to work if they are healthy and negative for COVID-19. Additional information about COVID-19 for City employee can be found at https://sfdhr.org/covid-19

Vaccination Policy Rescission Memorandum

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