February 2024 Newsletter

February 20, 2024

MEA Members provided an unabridged Newsletter.   

  • MEA MOU Negotiations
  • Form 700 Filers
  • A Better You, Everyday!
  • Build Your Skills - Personal Development and Well-Being Activities
  • Are You An Engaged Member

San Francisco Municipal Executives Association
Newsletter ǁ February 2024

MEA Bargaining Update
MEA started negotiations in January 2024 with the City and SFMTA on successor Memoranda of Understanding.  Parties are submitting initial proposals through the end of February 2024.
Filing Form 700
The April 2 annual filing deadline for your Form 700 statement is coming soon. If you are an Elected Official, Commissioner, Board Member, or Department Head, in addition to an Annual Form 700, you may also have an Ethics and Sunshine Ordinance Training Declaration (due April 2). Staff from the Ethics Commission will present and answer questions about Filing Form 700, Conflicts of Interest. Behested Payments, Gifts, Use of Public Resources, and more. 
A Better You, Everyday!
Start the new year off right by utilizing resources extended to City Employees to de-stress, establish healthy patterns, and become your most productive self. 
Personal Development:Avoiding Burnout: Self-Assessment Methods and Strategies for Self-Care — February 20 from 12 to 1pm. Managing Staff Through Stressful Situations — February 20 from 9am to 10amAdding Energy and Passion to Your Work and Life — February 28 from 12 to 1pm  
Well-Being Activities:SF Bodhi Meditation Center Sessions — Mon – Sun: 9pm to 10pm SF Main Library: Meditation — Wednesdays: 12pm to 12:30pm Midafternoon Meditation — Wednesdays: 2pm to 2:20pmYoga at UN Plaza — Wednesdays: 8:00am to 9:00am  
Visit the SFHSS Events Calendar to stay up to date on new offerings. Questions? Contact Well-Being at well-being@sfgov.org.
Build Your Skills
Mark your calendar and register for various optional professional development and skill building workshops offered by DHR's Learning & Organizational Development team throughout the year! 
Emotional Intelligence — March 5 & March 6: Two half days, in person, 8:30 to 12:30pm
Develop your emotional intelligence skills for success at work and in life. 
Growing Your Career — March 5: One-half day, virtual session, 8:30 to 12:30pm 
Plan your career move, learn how to search, and apply for your next City job, strengthen your resume, and practice key interviewing techniques.
Interview Skills Workshop — March 8: One-half day, virtual session, 8:30 to 11am 
Plan your career move, learn how to search, and apply for your next City job, strengthen your resume, and practice key interviewing techniques. 
Presentation Skills — April 30 & May 1: Two half days, in person, 8:30 to 12:30pm 
Practice simple yet effective techniques for improving your next presentation to any audience. 
Are You an Engaged Member?
An engaged member interacts with the organization often enough and in meaningful enough ways that they find personal value in the relationship. MEA fosters an environment that promotes such interaction: encourages contribution, builds connections, communicates regularly, and creates confidence for all members. We encourage you to (1) join an MEA Board Committee and (2) talk to your colleagues and encourage others to become a member of MEA. For more information about the Committees, email staff@sfmea.com.
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