FY2022-23 Management Training Funds

August 8, 2022

The DHR online tuition reimbursement system opened on Monday, August 8, 2022 for FY 2022-2023 requests. 
There is a new process for FY22-23 tuition requests that is being implemented through the City's current PeopleSoft and DHR has Expense Authorization reference materials (job aids) on how to submit a request:

Pre-approvals will now be referred to as "Expense Authorizations" in the new system and can be accessed through the current PeopleSoft via SF Employee Portal; SF Employee Portal is accessed through the SF Employee Gateway at https://sfgov.org/sfc/employee-gateway.  Employees must submit an Expense Authorization.in PeopleSoft via SF Employee Portal.  The new Expense Authorization process is time sensitive, note, if Expense Authorizations are not submitted with adequate advance notice, the Expense Authorization will be sent back for re-submission automatically due to the system's set timelines.  

There are virtual seminars/courses (https://www.ims-online.com/programs/) available through the Institute for Management Studies (https://www.ims-online.com/); you can use your annual training allocation to attend these seminars/courses which are paid directly from the individual's training allocation (only Expense Authorization required).

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