MCCP and MTAM Post-Appointment Compensation Adjustment FY23-24

August 11, 2023

For Fiscal Year 2023-24 MEA MCCP and MTAM Post-Appointment Compensation Adjustments, departments will again propose wage adjustments for their managers, one time payments and/or ongoing wage increases, as in previous fiscal years. 

Employees may make self-submissions on their own behalf by e-mail sent directly to each department’s personnel officer BUT for SFMTA e-mail sent directly to, using the Employee Submission Form. Self-Submission Requests for MCCPand MTAM Compensation Adjustments are between Monday, August 14th and Friday, August 18th, . The Department must consider the employees' self-nominations for adjustments during their departmental review process. Do not submit employee submission forms to DHR. 

Eligibility for these adjustments is based on criteria in MEA’s MOUs, and subject to funding limitations.  Here are a few criteria: 

• Employees must have been at or above the top of range A as of July 1, 2023 to be eligible (as employees below the top of A may still be advanced within Range A at the discretion of the department); further, those who have advanced to the top of A within the preceding fiscal year already received a step increase in addition to any general wage increase, so should be given less consideration than those that have been at the top of A for the entire, preceding fiscal year; 

• Absent exigent circumstances, submissions should be limited to employees who have been in their current position since at least January 1, 2023; employees that meet this initial criteria, but promote into a new MEA position in the same department on or after January 2, 2023 remain eligible for a lump sum adjustment;

•  Proposed increases and/or bonuses must be between $2,000 and $9,000 per employee (e.g., $4,000 ongoing and $5,000 one-time; $1,000 ongoing and $1,000 one-time);  Employees will continue to nominate themselves for adjustments as well as Departments may also submit on behalf of employees. Proposals for compensation adjustments will be evaluated and approved by the MCCP Adjustment Committee consisting of representatives from the Controller, DHR and MEA. 

Department Submissions The Department may make submissions on behalf of individual employees by submitting a Department Submission Form by close of business, Friday, September 22, 2022, via e-mail to with a copy to MEA (   

SFMTA Department Division Submissions Divisions may make submissions on behalf of individual employees by submitting a Department Submission Form (check with SFMTA HR) by Friday, September 22, 2022, via e-mail to HR-ELR@SFMTA.comwith a copy to MEA ( 

NOTE - Departments shall inform managers who self-submitted and were not approved for an adjustment the reason their submission was not approved. Further, for managers who did not self-submit and were not approved for an adjustment, departments shall inform such employees the reason one was not approved upon the request of the employee.  

Department Heads Department Head requests must be submitted via email to using the Department Submission Form by the close of business, Friday, September 22, 2022.

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