MEA February 2021 Newsletter

February 23, 2021

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1. 3rd Quarter Membership Meeting - Notice and Agenda 

2. Refresher on Weingarten Rights 

3. DHR-MEA Spring 2021 Leadership Development Cohort 

4. Reminder: Healthcare and Child Care Dependent Care Flexible Spending Accounts Reimbursement Deadline 

5. Form 700 Training Opportunity - Save the Date 

1. Refresher on Weingarten Rights (below revised) 

Recently MEA has been engaged in numerous investigative interviews. 

You have a right to have union representation at any interview or meeting that you reasonably believe may lead to discipline or “at which the employer seeks information to enable it to impose discipline or termination,” per the Supreme Court case of National Labor Relations Board v. 

Weingarten, decided in 1975. 

If you have any questions or concerns about the process or if you have received a notice requiring you to attend an investigatory interview, please contact MEA staff at your earliest convenience: 415-989-7244 or 

2. DHR-MEA Spring 2021 Leadership Development Cohort 

DHR is accepting nominations for the 10th Leadership 1.0 cohort through March 12, 2021. The program serves as an opportunity for MEA managers to build skills and develop relationships with other City leaders. 

Investing in the leadership development of our City's managers is of critical importance as the City continues to face unprecedented challenges with the COVID-19 pandemic, fiscal challenges, and managing employees who are also navigating these unusual times. The Leadership 1.0 program aims to empower managers with the skills and confidence to lead their teams effectively now and in the future. The program also connects them to a group of supportive peers across the City. 

In order to comply with COVID safety precautions, DHR has redesigned the Leadership 1.0 program in virtual format. The program will run from the end of March through June 2021, and will consist of weekly half-day sessions on the Zoom platform. The attached brochure outlines the program components, schedule and requirements. A nomination form is also attached. Nominations may come through the Department Head, or your department may allow managers to self-nominate. Nomination forms will be accepted through March 12th and will be reviewed in the order received. In order to ensure a diverse cohort, a maximum number of 1- 3 spaces will be designated for participating departments, depending on department size. 

This program is offered at no cost to departments. Department leadership has been asked to support their nominees’ full participation in the program by providing nominated leaders with protected time away from their work to attend all cohort events. Each nominee’s manager is also asked to commit to meeting with the nominee throughout the program to discuss how to best leverage the program content. 

Please refer to the website for detailed information regarding the prerequisites of this program: 

If you have questions about the Leadership Program, please contact Julia Ma, Workforce Development Director at, or Denise Van Alstine, Learning and Development Partner with DHR’s Workforce Development Division, 


3. Reminder: Healthcare and Child Care Dependent Care Flexible Spending Accounts Reimbursement Deadline: 

The last day to submit for reimbursements for services paid in 2020 is March 31, 2021. Reimbursements should be submitted directly to the P&G Group who administer the program. If you have questions about FSAs, contact the P&G Group at or call (800) 688- 2611. 

4. Update on Management Training Funds FY20-21 (below revised) 

Management Training Fund available balances are: 

  • • Miscellaneous MEA - $87,000 for training and equipment 
  • • MTA MEA - $7,247 for training only. 

Pre-approval is limited to MEA Miscellaneous and MTA employees with a minimum of one (1) year continuous service in an MEA classification as of the date of application, and whose department has verified in writing that they are regularly teleworking at least 20 hours per week. 


Annual Ethics and Form 700 Workshop "The Do's and Don'ts for Managers" on March 10, 2021 at 11AM-12PM; RSVP to

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