MEA New Members
Congratulations and Welcome to our New MEA Members
(4th Quarter April - June 2023)
On behalf of the MEA Board of Directors, Staff, and fellow MEA members, we offer you our warmest welcome. Whether this is your first union experience, are newly hired, or promoted, MEA is here to represent our members and uphold the MOU.
Please join us in welcoming our new members in your departments. Introduce yourself, invite a new coworker for lunch, or have a quick zoom call to say greetings to our new MEA members.
Trang Nguyen - DPH
Jessica Shimmin - HOM
Shon Buford - FIR
Andrea Buffa - MTA
Tara Agnese - DAT
Sofia Alicastry - ECN
Jeff Suess - ADM
Prasanthi Rathinasamy - DPH
Nicholas Linder - POL
Michael Henry Jr - MTA
Steven Garcia - MTA
Derik Aoki - DEC
Hilary Stoerder - REC
Antenor Arenas Jr - DPH
Amalia Martinez - HRD
Christopher Rutherford - DPH
Dorothy Li - DPW
Christian Kropff - SHF
Joseph Riley - DEM
Jane Yuan CON
Diltar Sidhu - DPH
Eileen McHugh - BOS
Marisa Pereira Tully - CON
Justin Kael - AIR
Linda Abuan - POL
Tasha Smith - POL
Alan Thoburn - PUC
Alan Lane - PUC
Nupur Sinha - AIR
Valerie Tulier-Laiwa - PUC
Amy Corso - ADM
Rosana Leon - DPH
Shohreh Misaghi - ASR
Mir Amenath Ali - POL
Thomas Chen - DEM
Colin Hart - DPH
Jimmy Chin - REC
Bau Juan Teresa Tan - AIR
Analyn Tam - AIR
Mamta Sharma - DHR
Jessica Recinos HSA
Leonard Alfaro - HOM
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