MEA New Members
Congratulations to our New Members (2nd Quarter October-December 2023)
On behalf of the Board, staff, and fellow MEA members, we offer you our warmest welcome.
Whether this is your first union experience, are newly hired, or promoted,
MEA is here to represent our members and uphold the MOU.

Please join us in welcoming our new members in your departments. Introduce yourself, invite a new co-worker for lunch, or have a quick zoom cll to say greetings to our new colleagues.
AEric Young – PRT
Jacquleine LaPrevotte – CRT
Dolly Goyal – LIB
Christopher Corgas – ECN
Lauren Broder – DEC
Kofi Akinjide – CPC
Chinweike Eseonu – DPH
Edward Yee – DPW
Nosakhare Ikponmwonba – MTA
Julieta Barcaglioni – HOM
Lyslynn Lacoste – PDR
Jieven Paulo Salta – HSA
Lamont Snaer – DCYF
Patrick Smithwick – FAM
Kim-Shree Maufas – MTA
Cynthia Nagendra – HOM
Romy Risk – CRT
Edward Yee - DPW
Deana Forole – ADP
Stephen Spengler – CRT
Elena Norberg- Brown - REC
Steven Jones - PUC
Mustafa Mohamed - MTA
Kari Kientzy – HSA
Caroline Morris – PRT
Edward Wright – MTA
Guillermo Perez, Jr – DPW
Rob Reiter – ADM
Emily Raganold – DPH
Timothy Parkan – PUC
Donna D’Cruz – WAR
Alex Cheung – AIR
Dee Rosad-Chan – HOM
Andres Antonio Guadamuz – CRT
Frank Aguerre- PUC
Francesca Garciagodos – AIR
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