January 7, 2014

January 2014 
In this issue:
 Membership Meeting Notification: Monday, March 3, 2014
 SFHA In Line for Massive Restructuring
 CCSF and MTA Bargaining Gets Underway
 Manager Tips: Harassment Complaint Protocol
 SAVE THE DATE: MEA 2014 Retiree Dinner Tuesday, March 11 at the SF Zoo – More information in February Newsletter
MEA 3rd Quarter General Membership Meeting for 13-14
Monday, March 3, 2014
6-8pm – Food and Beverages Provided
Agenda Includes
Overview of the City’s Merit System from Jennifer Johnston, Director CCC
Update on MEA Citywide and MTA Negotiations
MEA PAC Recommendations for June 2014
The meeting will be held at San Francisco Main Library Latino/Hispanic Rooms A&B, 100 Larkin Street at Grove. The Library is closed on Monday nights, so please plan to arrive before 6:00 p.m. If you arrive after 6:00 p.m., you can enter at the far right door of the Grove Street entrance by calling the security office at 415-557-4357. Please remember to RSPV by emailing or calling 415-989-7244. Refreshments are available starting at 5:30pm.
SFHA in Line for Massive Restructuring 
In early 2012, when the SFHA was in dire financial straits, MEA managers, in partnership with other employees at the SFHA, agreed to economic concessions in order to bridge the gap so that the SFHA could continue to operate under its current structure rather than go into receivership. As has been recently reported in the press, the federal government has now awarded San Francisco $180 million to help rehabilitate two-thirds of The City’s ailing public-housing units through a voucher-driven privatization arrangement. This money will be used for repairs and rebuilds. Part of the required transition, however, involves removing day-to-day operations from the Housing Authority itself and putting it into the hands of local nonprofits. The SFHA will need to follow a strict and swift timeline to implement the program under HUD guidelines. What impact this will have on current MEA managers will be the subject of negotiations as MEA meets with representatives of the Mayor’s Office of Housing and the SFHA in the coming days, weeks and months. MEA has long acknowledged that the existing structure was not sustainable – primarily as a result of significant, ongoing cuts in federal funding. What MEA is now focused on is ensuring that to the extent possible all the dedicated Housing Authority employees are protected and treated fairly through this change.
CCSF and MTA Bargaining Gets Underway 
Bargaining is now underway between the City, MTA and MEA. The City and MTA are negotiating together although some issues under discussion only impact one unit or the other. In addition to the general membership meeting in December, which focused on negotiations, MEA has held 7 worksite meetings at departments throughout the City. The input from all meetings has informed the proposals and given the negotiators clear direction as to member issues and priorities. A full update will be provided at the March 3 Membership Meeting and a second meeting has been tentatively scheduled for Monday, April 28th. This meeting will be used for ratification, assuming that an agreement is reached. In the absence of an agreement, we will proceed to our final binding arbitration date. Please check your email and the website for updates.
Manager Tips: Harassment Complaint Protocol 
As a supervisor, receiving harassment complaints is your legal duty. This duty extends to employees you do not directly supervise, as well as third parties who complain of harassment by employees in your department. If you receive a complaint of harassment, you must report it to the Department Personnel Officer, HR, or EEO professionals, or to DHR through its HR or EEO professionals. This is true regardless of whom the accused is, even if that person is another supervisor or manager. After a complaint has been reported, you should be vigilant about watching for additional harassing or retaliatory conduct.
Harassment complaints cannot be retracted. Once an employee notifies the Department Personnel Officer, HR, or EEO professionals, or DHR through its HR or EEO professionals or any supervisor about potentially unlawful harassment, the CCSF has a duty to investigate, even if the complainant withdraws the complaint in writing. If the harassment allegations are proven, then the CCSF must take appropriate action to stop the harassment and ensure it will not continue.
Retaliation against employees complaining about or opposing unlawful harassment is prohibited. An action is deemed retaliatory when it would dissuade a reasonable person from making or supporting a complaint of harassment or discrimination. A supervisor or manager who openly criticizes, brings disciplinary action, or files a counter complaint against an employee for charging the supervisor with harassment, could be charged with retaliation.
In California, supervisors can be personally liable for engaging in unlawful harassment, and under federal law supervisors can be personally liable for retaliation. Personal liability means that you can have a civil judgment awarded against you separate from any action that might be taken against your employer. In addition, California supervisors may be liable for "aiding and abetting" if their actions are found to have encouraged workplace harassment.
SAVE THE DATE: MEA 2014 Retiree Dinner – Tuesday, March 11 at the SF Zoo 
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