MEA NEWSLETTER November 2014

November 7, 2014

November 2014 
In this issue: 
MEA Membership Meeting Monday November 17th at SFPL 
Working Group’s MCCP B&C Revamp to be Presented at Meeting 
Ebola Virus (EVD) Update from CCSF 
MEA MTA Training and Equipment Funds Exhausted for 14-15 
MEA CCSF Training Fund Update for 14-15 
SFERS Relocates to 1145 Market Street 
Mark Your Calendar: MEA City Hall Holiday Party on December 17th 
MEA 2nd Quarter General Membership Meeting for 14-15 
Monday, November 17, 2014 
Agenda Includes 
2014 MCCP B&C Proposals for 2015-2017 Program 
The Role of Managers in the City’s Wellness Initiative 
MEA Board Election – By Acclamation 
– Food and Beverages Provided for Both Meetings – 
The meeting will be held at San Francisco Main Library Latino/Hispanic Rooms A&B, 100 Larkin Street at Grove. The Library is closed on Monday nights, so please plan to arrive before 6:00 p.m. If you arrive after 6:00 p.m., you can enter at the far right door of the Grove Street entrance by calling the security office at 415-557-4357. Please remember to RSPV by emailing or calling 415-989-7244. Refreshments are available starting at 5:30pm.
Working Group’s MCCP B&C Revamp to be Presented at Meeting 
In the last round of bargaining, the MCCP/MTAM B&C program generated considerable discussion. MEA raised numerous issues around access, fairness, funding levels and process. Because the limited timeline and rushed pace of bargaining often does not allow for complex analysis and discussion, the parties agreed to suspend the program in FY 14-15, spend the time necessary to seek agreement on modifications and relaunch in 15-16 with expanded access and additional funding. The initial stage of that process has been completed with MEA’s MCCP Working Group issuing its recommendations for modifications to the program. Those recommendations will be presented to the membership at the meeting scheduled for November 17th. Come to the meeting on the 17th for input into this important initiative.
Ebola Virus (EVD) Update 
On October 23rd, the City held a meeting with union representatives of the City’s health care workers and first responders to discuss questions and concerns about the potential for Ebola virus exposure on the job. The City’s Public Health Officer, Dr. Tomas Aragon, and other representatives from involved City departments provided updates on the City’s actions and plans to improve our preparedness to respond to the EVD threat including
 San Francisco hospitals are actively preparing to safely care for an Ebola case. Preparedness activities include drills, trainings, and the development of Ebola-Specific training.
 SFDPH Communicable Disease Control. A communicable disease nurse will be available 24/7 at 415-554-2830, to report possible exposure to the Ebola virus.
 San Francisco Hospitals, SFPD, and SFFD have all ordered Personal Protective Equipment in accordance with CDC guidelines.
It is unlikely that a case of Ebola will occur in SF. However if a suspected case should occur, there are systems in place to ensure a quick response from the department and medical community, and to maintain public safety.
MEA MTA Training and Equipment Funds Exhausted for 14-15 
MTA Funding for the MEA Management Training and Equipment Program for FY 14-15 has all been spent or allocated for the year. If you have any questions regarding a request you have submitted please contact Camaguey Corvinelli at or (415) 989-7244.
MEA CCSF Training Fund Update for 14-15 
Funds for training under the CCSF 2014-2015 Management Training Program are still available. There are no funds available for equipment at this time. The management training fund is open to all represented managers and may be used multiple times within a year up to a cap of $2000 per person per fiscal year, until the training fund has been exhausted. Here are few important reminders about the tuition reimbursement process:
Pre-Approval Requests 
 You must submit a request and receive approval before you can incur the cost.
 The pre-approval request should include the request form and supporting documentation that outlines the cost of the training (i.e. conference brochure, course catalog, hotel invoice). The supporting documentation is required to justify the approval amount.
 Additionally, pre-approval requests that are for multiple items need to be made as separate pre-approval requests. For example, if you are attending a conference, renewing membership, and purchasing a manual, you will need to submit (3) three pre-approval requests. You will need to submit one (1) request for the conference registration, one (1) request for the membership fee, and one (1) request for the manual.
Reimbursement Requests 
Proof of Attendance/ Completion 
If an employee attends an event (class, conference, etc.) the employee must provide proof of attendance/completion for reimbursement.
Proof of Payment 
The proof of payment documents need to include the employee’s name and show payment was made. Some registration/order confirmation documents do not include proof of payment.
Please contact Camaguey Corvinelli if you have any questions or concerns. She can be reached at (415) 989-7244 or
PLEASE NOTE: THE MEA Equipment Fund has been exhausted for the 2014-2015 fiscal year. We will not be accepting any further pre-approval requests for equipment. 
SFERS Relocates to 1145 Market Street 
Effective October 27th, 2014, the offices of the San Francisco Employees’ Retirement System (SFERS) and the San Francisco Deferred Compensation Program (SFDCP) have relocated to 1145 Market Street. Member Services will be located at the 5th Floor.
Mark Your Calendar: Invitations to the MEA City Hall Holiday Party set for December 17th will be mailed shortly. Space is limited so please RSVP upon receipt. 
MEA Mission Statement: To enhance the quality of life for all San Franciscans and visitors by promoting sound government practices, supporting professional excellence for our City’s managers, and maintaining the highest ethical standards in the delivery of service to the public.
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