MEA NEWSLETTER September 2014 – Charts Galore!

September 7, 2014

September 2014 – Charts Galore! 
In this issue: 
PAC Endorsements Finalized at September 15th Meeting 
MEA 13-14 Year End Financial Report 
No Agreement Reached To Date on Court Wages 
CCSF/MTA Flex Spending/Benefit Model Set to Change in 2015 
MEA-CCSF 14-15 Leadership Development Program Launches 
A Note from MEA on the HSS Wellness Program 
Mark Your Calendar: MEA City Hall Holiday Party on December 17th 
PAC Endorsements Finalized at September 15th Meeting 
At the 1st Quarter 14/15 General Membership Meeting the MEA PAC process included a forum featuring a number of the incumbent Board of Supervisor Candidates running for re-election. The Board members were asked a number of questions including how the Board and MEA can work together to increase confidence in and support for local government? The membership also heard a briefing on the reasoning behind MEA’s decision to only weigh in on three ballot measures. Upon the membership’s recommendation, the MEA PAC made the following official endorsements. Such endorsements result in a financial contribution to the campaign.

Candidates District 2 Mark Farrell District 4 Katy Tang
District 6 Jane Kim District 8 Scott Weiner
District 10 Malia Cohen
Assessor Carmen Chu School Board Emily Murase
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