May 12, 2014

May 12, 2014 
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MEA Members Overwhelmingly Ratify New 3-Year Agreement 
In voting that took place throughout the City last week, MEA members covered by both the Miscellaneous and MTA Agreements overwhelmingly ratified the tentative agreement reached between MEA and the City and MTA. Over 98% of those voting cast a YES vote for the pact, which increases wages in each of the next three years and also maintains the MEA Flex Spending Plan. The new agreements with the City and MTA, once fully drafted, will be posted on the MEA website. Key details of the new agreements are noted below: 
Wages and Benefits: 
1. Wages: Increased each year
Year 1 - Effective October 11, 2014 3%
Year 2 - Effective October 10, 2015 3.25%
Year 3 - Effective July 1, 2016 CPI –U (floor of 2% and ceiling of 3%) Plus an additional .25%
Total = 8.50% to 9.50%
Suspension of MCCP/MTAM B&C Program for 14-15 with MEA, CCSF/MTA, and the Controller working to redesign and re-launch in 15-16 to increase transparency and access
3. Benefits:
Flex Spending (aka Cafeteria) Plan remains unchanged for EE Only and EE+1
Employees covering +2 or more will receive 83% of either Kaiser or Blue Shield rates
Employees covering +2 or more will receive City/MTA funded Long Term Disability Insurance
4. Other Benefits:
Extra eye exam and pair of glasses for those who use a VDT regularly
City and MEA will approach SFERS in support of a loan program for 457(b) Plan
General MOU Provisions 
1. Management Training:
Management Training Funding will be set at $250,000 per year over the life of the MOU/$30,000 for MTA
Equipment Program funding will be limited to $100,000 per year
Leadership Development Program funding will be increased by $75,000 per year to augment the program with professional coaching, specialized seminars and joint initiatives
2. Acting Assignment: 
Provides a mechanism for employees who believe they have been assigned to perform the functions of a higher classification but do not meet the contractual criteria (assignment in writing, budgeted position) to file a claim for Acting Assignment Pay
3. Supervisory Differential:
“Extended Ranges” will now be included in the calculation of Supervisory Differential
If Supervisory Differential adjusts the compensation of the employee in excess of his/her immediate supervisor, the pay of such immediate supervisor shall be adjusted to be at least $100.00 bi-weekly in excess of the base rate of the subordinate
4. Administrative/Executive Leave:
Effective June 30, 2017, reduce carryover of comp time from other units from 240 hours to 160 hours
Increase carry forward of administrative leave from 100 to 120 hours and increase maximum in-year balances of administrative leave from 120 to 160 hours
5. Holidays:
Floating Holidays will be available immediately when hired (currently after six months)
Clarify the ability to request adjusted end dates to allow employees to take floating holidays prior to separation
6. Wellness:
Agreement on various elements of MEA Wellness Proposal dated April 17, 2014
7. Duration (Term):
3 years – July 1, 2014-June 30, 2017
General Administration: 
1. Dues Deduction:
Clarify and expand information provided to MEA and resolve issues around dual dues collection by June 30, 2014
2. Paperless Payroll:
Agree to implement
Contract Administration: 
1. Grievance Procedure: Extend timelines for filing of a grievance
Step 1: Extended from 15 to 30 calendar days
Step 2: Extended from 10 to 15 calendar days
2. Discipline:
Expand right to receive written Skelly recommendations
Allow requests for early sealing of disciplinary materials in personnel file
Provide written notification to MEA on outcomes for departmental or EEO investigations
3. Classification Issues:
Continue to evaluate current classification structures within departments – initially looking at DTIS and Adult Probation
Work with the City on reducing the length of time necessary to fill positions
Receive detailed and ongoing information about the status of RTF during the approval process
Other Agreements:
Sick Leave Ordinance Waiver (12-W): Agree to waive. Work with DHR and Civil Service to harmonize City benefits with those provided under the ordinance
SFO Employee Transit Pilot Program: Agree to a voluntary pilot program at SFO to encourage employees to use public transportation for commuting
MEA Mission Statement: To enhance the quality of life for all San Franciscans and visitors by promoting sound government practices, supporting professional excellence for our City’s managers, and maintaining the highest ethical standards in the delivery of service to the public.
MEA Board: Martha Knutzen, Secretary MEA Staff: 
Mary Fitzpatrick, President Warren Cole Wilfredo Lim Rebecca Rhine
David German, Vice President Mark Culkins Jocelyn Quintos Raquel Silva
Crispin Hollings, Treasurer Luenna Kim Cathy Widener Camaguey Corvinelli
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