Nomination for MEA Board of Directors

February 10, 2020

Dear Fellow MEA members,

Happy 2020!

The MEA Nominating Committee (Louis Voccia, Controller's Office; Napoleon Campbell, PUC; and Linda Yeung, Airport) would like to inform you that MEA will be holding elections for our Board of Directors in December 2020. If you are interested in being considered, please contact us (via and submit your application to Linda Yeung by June 30th; please include "Nomination for MEA Board of Director ATTN Linda Yeung" in the email subject line.  The Nominating Committee will review all applications in July and submit to the board for review in August/September.   

As a Board member, we have the privilege of representing our fellow managers who enhance the quality of life for all San Franciscans and visitors by promoting sound government practices, supporting professional excellence for our City's managers, and maintaining the highest ethical standards in the delivery of service to the public. 

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The process to being placed on the ballot is as follows: 

A.                  Identification and selection by the Nominating Committee;

B.                  Self-Identification by submitting an application to the Nominating Committee; or

C.                  Petition by 50 members in good standing from the SFMEA paid membership

According to our By-Laws, the Nominating Committee Actions are as follows:

 A.           All board candidates interested in a position on the board shall submit an application to the Nomination Committee.  The application should include a resume with a complete employment history and description of relevant special talents, skills, or experience.

 B.           In addition to candidates who apply to be considered, the Nominating Committee shall identify, recruit, consider and nominate candidates for the office of Director so that there is at least one candidate (including any incumbent Director) for each Director position to be elected at the forthcoming annual meeting. 

 C.           The Nominating Committee may solicit and consider recommendations for candidates from any source they determine to be effective and reasonable. 

 D.           The Committee members will treat all candidate information received as confidential and will sign the SFMEA's Confidentiality Form to this effect.

 E.           The Committee will apply the following criteria in identifying qualified candidates:

 i.             Must be a paid member in good standing.

 ii.            Able and willing to commit time to attending membership and board meetings and serving on sub-committees of the Board.

 iii.           Frequency of attendance at SFMEA general membership meetings.

 iv.          SFMEA committee work. 

 v.           Number of years of tenure with the CCSF (a minimum of 3 is desirable) and knowledge and understanding of the structure and operations of the City and County of San Francisco, including its Administrative Code and Charter.

 vi.          Reflective of the workforce eligible to join SFMEA, including Diversity, Department, and Job Classification.

vii.          The business needs of the Board and to maintain a balanced cross-section of special talents, skills, or experience in subject matters relevant to serving the mission, objectives and goals of the organization.  These include, but are not limited to:

 a)           Finance and Accounting

 b)           Human Resources

 c)           Legal

 d)           Communications and Public Outreach

 e)           Public Administration

 f)            Governmental Affairs and Public Policy

 g)           Operations

 h)           Information Technology

viii.         When possible, the Board shall include representation by the separate contracts and bargaining units, including the: Municipal Transportation Agency, SF Housing Authority, SF Superior Courts, and SFPD Command Staff, SFFD Command Staff.

 F.           The Committee will inquire about personal and business relationships such as the following to ensure that they are adequately disclosed and considered for possible conflicts of interest or confidentiality: 

 i.             Relationships with existing Directors and staff of SFMEA; 

 ii.            Relationships with financial institutions that do business with SFMEA; and

 iii.           Any significant or material associations with contractors that do business with SFMEA.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to hearing from you!

MEA Nominating Committee Members -

Linda Yeung, Airport

Louis Voccia, Controller's Office

Napoleon Campbell, PUC

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