MEA Member Spotlight
MEA Member Spotlight
One Year Later, MEA Members Remain Resilient in the Face of COVID-19
By Carol Karimi

On March 9, 2020, Mayor London Breed and other California leaders were summoned to Sacramento to meet with Governor Gavin Newsom. COVID-19 was emerging as a serious health crisis. On March 16, the City of San Francisco announced its first two COVID-19 cases and issued a shelter-in-place order.

Mayor Breed took decisive action to contain the spread of the disease early. Municipal Executive Association (MEA) managers mobilized quickly to respond to Mayor Breed's call to action and meet the pandemic head-on. Of nearly 32,000 City employees, only 1,400 are MEA managers.
The order signaled to managers that plans for working remotely would need to be set in motion in order to keep employees safe while maintaining day to day operations throughout the City and County of San Francisco.
MEA managers worked tirelessly to transition teams into effective remote-based units. Public-facing departments had the added challenge of finding new ways to provide services online.

The Department of Emergency Management's Emergency Operations Center (EOC) moved its headquarters from 1011 Turk Street to what became the COVID Command Center (CCC) at Moscone.

For nearly one year, MEA managers were among 1,000 Disaster Service Workers (DSW) who reported to the CCC. Managers were on the frontlines helping the City prepare and cope with the pandemic.

Emergency operations included setting up temporary shelters and housing for people experiencing homelessness and needing to quarantine, securing and distributing personal protective equipment (PPE), providing free meal deliveries and transportation, and overseeing logistics for community test sites across San Francisco.

Under DEM’s exceptional leadership, more than 11,000 San Francisco public servants were involved in the City’s overall emergency response. MEA managers from the Department of Public Health (DPH), Department of Emergency Management (DEM), Human Services Agency (HSA) and the Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing (HSH) worked around the clock serving the most vulnerable populations in the City.

Managers from the Department of Children, Youth and Their Families (DCYF), with the support of San Francisco Recreation & Parks (REC), set up 84 community learning hubs and emergency child care programs serving 1,972 children and youth while their parents, many essential service workers, reported to duty during the pandemic. DEM
and CCC responders distributed more than three million health and safety flyers in multiple languages to help residents stay safe and informed about how to access critical services while sheltering in place.

As of the shelter-in-place anniversary, more than 1.6 million COVID-19 tests have been administered, over two million bags of groceries distributed, 1.6 million meals provided to people experiencing food insecurity, and 236,000 residents have received at least one vaccine dose.

In addition to emergency response efforts, MEA managers continued running day to day operations for the City. From water and power (PUC), to keeping streets safe (DPW), and every public service in between, MEA managers and City employees delivered in spite of the severe restrictions imposed by COVID-19. MTA managed to successfully stave off layoffs and made rapid changes in order to preserve its workforce while providing limited public transportation services across the City.

“MEA managers stepped up in every way,” explains CCC Unified Commander and MEA Board Secretary Linda Yeung (DEM). “We saw compassion, equity and inclusion from every department. Our managers helped save lives and keep our most vulnerable residents safe, housed, and fed.”

The Controller’s Office (CON) faced the daunting task of keeping the City’s day to day financial functions running without disruption. To compound the situation even further, the City projected a deficit of $1.1 to $1.7 billion due to revenue shortfalls.

CON worked hard to ensure that COVID-19 response hours were captured and reported in a timely manner. Thanks to their diligent oversight and a new Administration in the White House, the City’s shortfall was lower than initially anticipated due to 100% reimbursement from FEMA.

MEA managers demonstrated exceptional resilience in the face of COVID-19 and its devastating effects on California and the nation as a whole. Tragically, as of March 21st, over 542,000 people have died from COVID-19 in the United States. With the help of MEA managers, the City continues its ongoing response efforts and will be moving into recovery efforts shortly including assisting with administering vaccines to San Francisco residents.

The City and MEA Managers continue working through recovery efforts. Thanks to the leadership and oversight of the DEM and the CCC, the City has achieved remarkable vaccination rates.

As of June 11, 2021, 80% of eligible San Francisco residents have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine and nearly 70% have been fully vaccinated. The City’s rates are among the highest in the country and rival those of many nations.

On June 15, the City re-opened businesses and activities in alignment with the State’s reopening schedule. The post-pandemic response will be funded by the Mayor’s COVID-19 recovery budget proposal of $477 million over the next two years. $384 million of the proposed total is earmarked for ongoing response efforts such as shelter and housing, food security programs, vaccinations, testing, the CCC, and community-based programming for populations disproportionately impacted by the pandemic.

“Our managers are strong, resilient and committed to serving the people of San Francisco,” beams MEA President Jocelyn Quintos (CON). “We are tremendously proud of them.”

Below is a list of MEA members who served as DSW workers at the CCC during the pandemic.
Abbie S Yant
Dyanna V Quizon
Kenneth A Bukowski
Paula L Florence
Abubaker E Azam
Edmund A Egan
Kenneth P Salmon
Peter S Yee
Aiyana A Johnson
Edward T Ochi
Kevin D Dyer
Philip A Ginsburg
Alaric Degrafinried
Edwin Batongbacal
Kevin S Teahan
Philip J Cranna
Alexander J Magee
Elizabeth M Watty
Kevin T Paulson-Fisher
Porsche Chanel Bunton
Alison M Johnson
Elvis A Lavarreda
Kimberly M Burrus
Quyen D Nim
Almir L Guimaraes
Emily G Gibbs
Kimberly M Castillo
Rachel Gardunio
Amie R Fishman
Emylene F Aspilla
Kimberly W Ackerman
Rachel K Emanuel
Amy B Cohen
Eric Andersen
Krista L Gaeta-Blyth
Ramon Hernandez
Amy D Ramirez
Eric J Sutera
Krista Marie Ballard Kniffen
Rashid D Herd
Ana Contreras
Eric L Sandler
Kristen S Holland
Regina M Endrizzi-Dick
Ana Herrera
Erin M Cooke
Kristin H Schildwachter
Richard A. D. Nelson
Anabel Kupelian-Simonelli
Evelyn H Bruce
Larry J Mares
Rikki L De Wit
Andrea Caporale
Francis Tsang
Laura M Moye
Robert E Walsh
Andrew Holcomb
George F Ridgely Jr
Laurie Juengert
Robert E Watkins
Andrew A Maimoni
Gina M Simi
Leanne E Nhan
Robert H Muhammad
Andrew D Murrell
Gino T Assereto
Leroy P Sisneros
Robert M Rotiski
Andrew F Degraca
Glacier R Ybanez
Linda C Barnard
Robert M Smuts
AnMarie Rodgers
Gloria L Chan
Linda J Gerull
Robert S Aicardi
Anna C Robert
Gregory P Slocum
Lisa A Pagan
Roberto Lombardi
Anna M Biasbas
Gretchen A Rude
Robin E Brown
Anne Marie C Donnelly
Grier M Mathews
Lorraine L Banford
Rod K Iwashita
Anthony Bardo
Hao Xie
Lourdes E Benvenuti
Romika M Williams
Anthony J Tyson
Hazelle B Fernandez
Lourdes P Feliciano
Romulus K Asenloo
Ariana N Luchsinger
Heather J Pohl
Luenna H Kim
Rosa E Ortiz
Audrey R Lawrence
Heather K.L. Davis
Lydia B Zaverukha
Ryan P Iwata
Aumijo L Gomez-Sheftel
Ian M Hart
Marco C Bruno
Sahil Rahim
Aung M Hein
Ian R Law
Margaret A Stevenson
Salla T Jadlos-Vaerma
Ayanna S Bennett
Irene Agustin
Margaret A Weiland
Salvador Menjivar
Brian E Strong
Ishani Baruah
Marge S Vizcarra
Samantha J Rebelos
Brian K Cauley
Ivy V Fine
Maria Su
Samantha L Allen
Brittni C Ranahan
Jack J Chin
Maria H McKee
Sandra Eng
Carli E Paine
Jack R Wood
Marjorie C McGuire
Sandy Chan
Carlos A Benitez
Jacqueline Battle
Mark Corso
Sarah A Madland
Carmen Le Franc
Jacqueline Forman-Ortiz
Mark P Dela Rosa
Sarah B Jones
Carol J Sionkowski
James P Burruel
Mark S McLean
Scarlett Fung-Ming L Lam
Carrie L Beshears
James T Brassil
Mark W Tilley
Scott W Walton
Catherine V Delneo
Janan A Howell
Marlo K Briggs-Simmons
Scott W Walton
Cathlena M Morrison
Jane Gong
Martha A Cohen
Sheila C Robleto
Cecile Soto
Janell Myhre
Mark W Tilley
Scott W Walton
Chandra A Johnson
Jason H Jackson
Mary C Perez
Shireen L McSpadden
Charles Perl
Jean S Suskind
Mary Ellen Carroll
Siew-Chin Yeong
Charles C Navigante
James T Brassil
Matthew D Hansen
Sonesh K. Lakhmani
Charles W Drane
Jeffrey E Airth
Matthew E Valdez
Sonesh K. Lakhmani
Chauncey L Jackson
James T Brassil
Matthew S Reeves
Stephanie C Williams
Cheryl L Sperry
Jeffrey R Scarafia
Stephanie K Rossi
Chia Yu Ma
Jenine L Smith
Maureen P Singleton
Stephen D Flannery
Christine B Nath
Jennifer Wade-Carton
Megan R Elliott
Steven Lee
Christine V Siador
Jennifer E Rice
Melissa Andretta
Steven P Cismowski
Christopher J Boettcher
Jenny Wei-Ying Louie
Melissa A Mcgee
Steven Lee
Cindy L Ward
Jerad L Weiner
Melvyn E Henry Jr
Clair K J Farley
Jeremy Hallisey
Merrick Pascual
Tanita J Dawson
Clarence F Robinson III
Jill M Nielsen
Michael Liang
Tara M Moriarty
Claudia J Gorham
Jocelyn B Quintos
Michael Makstman
Taraneh Moayed
Clifford Jeffrey Bramlett
Jodi M Traversaro
Michael A Cochrane
Terri E Austin
Craig A Lee
John Romaidis
Michael D Zaugg
Thomas J Fortin
Craig P Dziedzic
John C Scarpulla
Michael J Dougherty
Thomas J Istvan
Crezia R Tano
John F Brown
Michael J Lambert
Tiana Wertheim
Crispin J Hollings
John K Tsutakawa
Michael M Lat
Timmothy J Felton
Cynthia W Kauffman
John T Grimes
Michael P Kelly
Todd C Robinson
Dan J Schwager
John W Knox White
Michael P Lennon
Todd L Rydstrom
Daniel B Kaplan
Jonas P Ionin
Michele D Fisher
Todd S Riley
Daniel S Kreuscher
Joseph L Huang
Michelle Pallavicini
Toni Rucker
Daryl M Robinson
Joshua A Arce
Michelle M Jefferson
Tracey Packer
David E Smith
Judith Bachman
Travis B Fox
Tracy Zhu
David K Iribarne
Julia F Ma
Michelle Pallavicini
Tramaine D Johnson
David V Tu
Julie Ansell
Nancy C Alfaro
June Weintraub
Nancy H Crowley
Trent E Rhorer
Deborah Sherwood
Junise K Hill
Nancy L Hom
Tyrone T Jue
Deborah A Chilvers
Justine D Hinderliter
Natalie M Toledo
Vici F Pars
Deborah O Raphael
Kaitlyn L Azevedo
Natasha Mihal
Deborah O Raphael
Denise B Payton
Kanh Chara Vatey Kong
Noelle E Simmons
Wallace W Tang
Diane Y Oshima
Karen E Frye
Norman L Goldwyn
Wendy A Suhr
Dianna Jou
Karen J Yee
Omar L Carvallo
William H Barnes III
Don T Lampe
Karen S Wong
Oscar A Wallace
William P Teahan
Don T Lampe
Karri J Ving
Palminder K Hernandez
William H Barnes III
Donald W Jones
Katherine R Daniel
Patricia A Erwin
William H Barnes III
Doris I Barone
Kathleen A Shadoan
Patrick Fosdahl
Zackary T Taylor
Douglas Yakel
Kathleen M McEvoy
Patrick Joseph Mulligan
Dung H Nguyen
Don T Lampe
Paula S Michael
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