Recent Changes Regarding Who Files the Form 700

March 15, 2023

The 2023 Form 700 filing, and what's reported is determined by the requirements by your disclosure category, covering reportable investments and interests held and income (including loans, gifts, and travel payment) received January 1 to December 31, 2022, is due no later than April 3, 2023. The Form 700 is required to be filed by City officers and designated employees who make or influence governmental decisions. The Form 700 provides transparency by providing information to the public about an official’s personal financial interest to ensure that they are making decisions in the best interest of the public, not enhancing their own personal finance.  It also serves as a reminder to the official to abstain from participating in decisions that can be deemed potential conflicts of interests.

MEA Members - Recent Changes Regarding Who Files the Form 700

About the Statement of Economic Interest (Form 700)Every elected official and public employee who makes or influences governmental decisions is required to submit a Statement of Economic Interest, also known as the Form 700. At the City and County of San Francisco, the list of these officials and public employees is found in theSan Francisco Campaign and Governmental Conduct Code.Over time, the organizational structure and staffing of an agency will change because employees’ duties shift or positions are renamed or eliminated. When an agency makes these types of changes, the Conflict of Interest Code must be amended accordingly. The amendment process occurs biennially; the most recent amendment became effective March 12, 2023.If you have questions regarding your Form 700 filing obligations, contact your Departmental Filing Officer. Your filing officer will help determine if your position has a Form 700 filing requirement.  

What’s Next
Those added as filers (position was added to the Code)You will receive instructions from your Departmental Filing Officer once your Form 700 e-filing account is created.The notification will include instructions regarding how to e-file your Form 700. This filing requirement is referred to as an “Assuming Office” filing, even if you’ve been in the same position for some time.Assuming Office Statements are due April 11, 2023.

Those removed as filers:
You will receive instructions from your Departmental Filing Officer regarding an additional filing requirement.Proceed with completing your Annual Report (covering the period from January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2022) by April 3.Complete a “Leaving Office” Form 700 by April 11, 2023Though you’re likely still performing this job, being removed from the Code is considered “Leaving Office” per the law. Therefore, you are required to submit a Leaving Office Statement.
ResourcesForm 700 Overview (PDF)Review our informational training for designated Form 700 filersList of Departmental Filing OfficersForm 700 – Website – Find information about the law, the Conflict of Interest Code, filing deadlines, and the consequences of failure to file by the deadline

Get SupportFor questions about regarding the status of a filing, your disclosure category, login and password assistance, or meeting your filing obligations, contact your Departmental Filing Officer.You may request informal advice for questions regarding what to report in your Form 700 or request technical support through the Ethics Commission Form 700 Support Portal.If you do not receive a response from the Support Portal after 3 business days, you may contact the Ethics Commission via email at or (415) 252-3100.

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