MCCP/MTAM Compensation Adjustment FY24-25 (aka Range B Adjustment Pilot Program)

July 1, 2024

MEA and the City negotiated changes to the MCCP/non-MCCP and MTAM Compensation Adjustment (aka Range B Adjustment Pilot Program FY24-25) provisions in the respective MEA-City 2024-2027 MOU and MEA-MTA 2024-2027 MOU.

For your reference, attached are DHR's MCCP-Compensation Administration FY24-25 guidelines and request forms.  For MTAM specifics, please contact SFMTA HR and/or Labor Relations for assistance.

Here are links to the 2 successor MOUs and the paragraphs to the specific Compensation Adjustment provisions:

  1. MCCP/MTAM Compensation Administration FY24-25
  2. MCCP Salary Assignment Form Department Range B
  3. MCCP Salary Assignment Form DHR Range C
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