CCSF and MEA Leadership Development Program- Nomination Period Now Open

DHR is now accepting nominations for the 13th annual CCSF and MEA Leadership Development program that begins this September, 2023. The program welcomes nominations from all City departments for MEA-represented and unrepresented managers reflecting a diversity of experiences and backgrounds. This program is offered at no cost to departments.  Department Heads may nominate individuals for the program, or the […]

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National Whistleblower Day 2023

July 30th is National Whistleblower Day. It's an occasion to recognize and appreciate the long history of whistleblowers, who help combat waste, fraud, abuse, & violations of laws & regulations. The City and County of San Francisco's Whistleblower Program is administered by the Controller's Office. Over the years, reports have been filed by both the public and […]

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CCSF BOS repealed Administrative Code Chapter 12X prohibiting City-funded travel to States with Anti-LGBT laws, voting rights and abortion access

In June 2023, Administrative Code Chapter 12X was repealed so that city employees can travel to or conduct business with companies based in states that had passed laws limiting LGBTQ rights, voting rights and abortion access. 

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Submit FY22-23 Expense Reports immediately but before Thursday, June 29, 2023

Submit all your expense reimbursement requests immediately to ensure they are approved before the fiscal year ends. All expense reimbursement requests must be fully approved by your supervisor, expense manager, and the Controller (if applicable) by 5 p.m. on Thursday, June 29, or they will be denied and closed. Upcoming SF Employee Portal System Downtimes Please […]

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Health Care Rates Change 2023

The City's Health Services System has advised of upcoming changes to health plan rates. Health plan rates for current employees and early retirees will be impacted. The Health Service Board voted on these proposed changes on Thursday, May 25, 2023. Attached are documents for more information on the upcoming healthcare rate changes:  • Attachment #1: May 25, […]

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Recent Changes Regarding Who Files the Form 700

The 2023 Form 700 filing, and what's reported is determined by the requirements by your disclosure category, covering reportable investments and interests held and income (including loans, gifts, and travel payment) received January 1 to December 31, 2022, is due no later than April 3, 2023. The Form 700 is required to be filed by City officers and designated employees who make or influence governmental […]

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NEW Equitable, Fair, and Respectful Workplace Policy

DHR has expanded upon the previous Respect in the Workplace policy in issuing the Equitable, Fair, and Respectful Workplace Policy. City employees and managers are responsible for maintaining a safe and productive workplace which is free from inappropriate workplace behavior. Learn more about employee expectations by taking DHR’s Respect in the Workplace training or read the full updated Equitable, […]

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December Newsletter

Raquel Silva's Retirement and Farewell Message and announcing MEA's New Executive Director. Please Click To Read More

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SFMEA Newsletter - May 2022

The SFMEA Times' highlights:  Health Services Systems - May is Mental Health Awareness Month Training Resources SFMTA Wellness  SFERS Contribution Rates FY 22-23. In addition to the SFMEA Times' highlights, the City's Department of Human Resources Workforce Development Division provides, at no-cost, June workshops about the City's Performance Planning and Appraisal Review (PPAR); the workshop reviews […]

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